Two Nicas in Colorado: A Musical Visit in Fall, 2018, set to Moisés Gadea’s “Por los Niños y Niñas”

The song, “Por los Niños y Niñas,” is used here with permission from Moisés Gadea, Nicaraguan singer-songwriter who wrote and recorded it.

Back story: Thanks to the non-profit organization, Empowerment International (please check them out here and consider donating:, Nicaraguan musicians Moisés Gadea and Darwin Escoto came to Colorado in October, 2018, to a play a fundraiser concert at the Broomfield Crescent Grange. While they were here, they also visited and played for students at Shining Mountain Waldorf School (where I am a Spanish teacher), played live on KGNU’s “Corriente” Latin music show, drummed for fun on Pearl St., and had a good time in the mountains.

Enjoy the video. I made it on my phone.

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