BOOK REVIEW: Complete Guide to Winter Camping

WINTER CAMPING by Kevin Callan is an excellent guidebook
Review of Complete Guide to Winter Camping by Kevin Callan (aka The Happy Camper).
Winter camping is a burly endeavor and Callan’s new book definitely lets you know that, acknowledging that camping in snow and cold temps is indeed hard work. But this book breaks it all down and makes winter camping seem like a possibility to those who may be considering it but are hesitant. From eating well to “hot tenting” and ice fishing, to cooking in the cold and personal hygiene. This book is filled with easy to read tips, advice, and color photos.
Kevin Callan, based in Canada, is the author of 18 books on the outdoors, including the best-selling The Happy Camper and a paddling guide series. He was listed as one of the “top 100 modern day explorers” by the Canadian Geographical Society. So it’s easy for me to trust him as he describes everything from what to wear to how to make fire in the backcountry.
Callan also includes inspiring quotes at the beginning of each chapter. The one that jumped out at me was from Tiffany Reisz in the Hot Tenting chapter: “I love the scent of winter. I love the scent of winter enough to suffer the cold for it.” Hopefully your suffering is minimal, and following the tips in this book will help with that goal. Two big thumbs up!
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