LAND: Hard-hitting trailer for feature documentary on foreign development in Nicaragua

land_film_nicaragua.jpgWow, it’s good to see someone taking this issue by the horns and giving it a good shake! Watch the LAND trailer from Canadian filmmaker Julian Pinder and Six Island Productions. The description reads:

“…American developers charge on, transforming jungle and beach into resorts, hotels, and gated communities. Unexpectedly, the former revolutionaries sweep back into power and re-claim the country. This modern day wild west erupts into a battle between former revolutionaries, angry locals, and foreign developers over the land beneath their feet. But progress marches on … Or does it?”

The trailer features everyone from Comandante Zero to Jimmy Carter to gringo developers and expats … this baby is going to ruffle some serious feathers on real-estate row in San Juan del Sur and Granada! It says the movie was short-listed for the Cannes Film Festival and will be released this summer 2010. Can’t wait….

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